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Hitlers rise to power

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H.W Hitler's rise to power 15th May 07 Dear Diary, Hitler's rise to power gives us all hope, something of somewhat importance especially in the circumstances we are facing. We are in a financial crisis, in need of dictatorship and with remaining bitterness from the First World War we need a strong leader to help us through. I recognise Hitler as this person! ...read more.


The greedy Jews, keeping all the wealth for themselves are to blame for all the problems we are now facing and yet they continue attempting to prevent us from our last hope. Hitler is a great person! He is a great speaker! He has well deserved power! He is a good politician! He is a good organiser! With his self belief and great ideas ... ...read more.


Without the fuehrer where would we be? What kind of future will we have? We will grow up in a second rate nation with no opportunities. Hitler will bring back the greatness to the fatherland that our ancestors knew, so that we will once again be the dominant force in Europe, possibly the world. On a brighter note I wore my Hitler youth movement uniform to class today and everyone admired me. I felt so important. But I'm part of the pure race 'blood and honour' so I am extraordinary! ...read more.

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