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Holocaust Sources Questions

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GCSE history coursework Q.1. To what extent do the views expressed in source B support the information on the final solution contained in source A? Ans. Source B is an extract from the minutes of the Wamsee Conference. It was organised by Reinhard Heydrich, Deputy Leader of the SS and was attended by 15 members of Government. The meeting was called to discuss how they were going to solve the Jewish Question. When reading Source B I got the impression that it was deliberately vague and ambiguous. Source A is a Map of Europe. It shows the location of Concentration Camps, Extermination Camps and sites of mass murder. In Source B it says: "Jews should be brought to the East" and in Source A we can see that most of the mass murders and Extermination Camps were in the East. However in Source B it says that Eichmann was quoted as saying that the Meeting was much more "frank and open" this suggests that the Nazis censored the minutes to stop people finding out about the extermination of Jewish lives. Q.2 Are similar sentiments of ruthlessness towards Jews implied in both Source C and D? ...read more.


the Nazis weren't supported by everyone so obviously there are those in Germany who would have opposed this but might not have due to threat from the ss or sa. Q.5 Which of the two Sources I or J is more critical of the role of the German people in the final solution? Ans. Source I is an adaptation from " Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust" by Daniel Goldhagen. Daniel wasn't there and can't possibly know what exactly happened so this Source must be taken with great scepticism; also Daniel Goldhagen was a Jew and may feel resentment towards the Nazis. Source I says that "Nazism was gleefully embraced by most Germans" He says that the "normal" hatred of the Jews turned into a "policy of extinguishing them entirely". The author in Source I thinks that it was not only the SS that killed Jews but the ordinary people. He says, "Ordinary folk, family men, a faithful microcosm of German Society as a whole ...took to mass murder with a vengeance" Source J is taken from "Racism in the Third Reich" by Stewart Ross. ...read more.


This source claims that the German people saw Jews being rounded up and did nothing; it also claims that the German people may have known of and visited concentration camps. This source also states that many Germans were kept in the dark about the exterminations but a small percentage of the population were involved in the exterminations Source L is an extract from an interview with Otto Kumm an ss commander during the war. This is a primary source so it is reliable but we should remember that he tries to pass the blame for the executions away from him and his men by saying "Waffen-SS were separate from the Death's head battalions" After examining the sources and claims in some of them that the German people were Hitler's willing executioners I have decided that I do not agree with this statement. The claim that the whole of the German population embraced nazism can be disproved by the election results and also the number of opposition parties such as the KPD (Communist party) and the SPD (Social democrats). Although I can't find any evidence that the German people didn't notice the increase in laws against them i.e. the Nuremberg laws, and the increased removal of Jews from there homes. ...read more.

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