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How and why did the holocaust happen?

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How and why did the holocaust happen? Anti-Semitism is not a new idea, it has been around for centuries. And not just in Germany. An early source that shows this is from 1543 from a monk named Martin Luther. In history the jews have been the scapegoats before, Hitler blamed them for Germany losing the great war as in the 1300's they were blamed for the Black Death. The Holocaust was the effort of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany to exterminate the Jews and other people that they considered to be inferior. ...read more.


They were excluded from the stock exchange, law, medicine, and business. But it was the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 that took away the citizenship of Jews born in Germany and labeled them subhuman. With Hitlers power to create these laws he officially made anti-Semitism a part of Germany's legal system. Under these laws, marriage between Jews and Hitlers perfect race was forbidden. Jews were not to display the German flag and could not employ German servants under 45 years of age. These laws created a climate in which the Jews were viewed as inferior people. ...read more.


Because after Kristallnicht Hitler could see that no one was opposing him or criticising him, so he felt strong enough to go thurther. He continued with the creation of Ghettos, the labour camps and the 'final solution to the Jewish problem'. Confining Jews in ghettos was not Hitler's invention. For centuries, Jews had faced persecution, and were often forced to live in designated areas called ghettos. The Nazis' ghettos however were just a initial step in the removal of the Jews. As the war against the Jews progressed, the ghettos became transition areas, used as collection points for deportation to death camps and concentration camps. ...read more.

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