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How and Why Did the Holocaust Occur?

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´╗┐How and Why Did the Holocaust Occur? The holocaust was a tragic period of history which occurred between 1933 and May 8th 1945. The main reason why this awful slaughter of Jews happened is due to many reasons however, the main reason is down to the fact that Germany had been an anti-Semitic country for a long time even before this happened. Unfortunately, as a result of the average German?s already anti-Semitic views, it meant that when Adolf Hitler made himself chancellor in 1933 and brought along with him his excellent public speaking skills, persuasive ideas and outright racism, many people sided with him as they genuinely believed that the Jewish people were a problem in their societies. The holocaust was mainly down to the fact that Hitler had an ideal human with: white skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. This perfect human evolved from the way in which Hitler thought about the evolution of mankind, he thought that anyone who did not fit these guidelines was inferior and therefore should be wiped out. ...read more.


In eastern Europe, Nazi Einsatzgruppen rounded up and murdered over a million Jews, they did this by gathering them into a small area and then mercilessly shooting them until there were no survivors. However this process was too expensive and time consuming and so, the Wannsee Conference was called. During this conference, a decision was made for a ?Final Solution? to the Jewish problem which was of course to exterminate all Jews residing in Europe. So they began this process by building camps at places such as Auschwitz. Here they were categorised into those who were fit to work and those who were not. During this categorisation phase, we can hear stories of how babies were stripped from their mother?s arms in order to be brutally killed, but if the mother would simply not let go, the baby would be killed right in front of the weeping woman. As we can see, many Nazi?s had no moral right whatsoever and we can see this further expressed by the way in which they dealt with those who were not fit to work. ...read more.


As well as the release of many Jews, Nazi leaders were put on trial at the Nuremberg War Crimes trial. Any war criminals that were found to be a part of the war were also put on trial. As well as this, the Jewish were given the nation of Israel as a sort of apology for the unspeakable suffering which had happened. Unfortunately, none of these things could justify the scale of the anti-Semitist views of Hitler and many others which led to the murder of 6?000?000 Jewish civilians. In conclusion, I believe that the holocaust was a large scale eugenics project which took place purely because of the strong hatred and jealousy of a few individuals which then caused the arguably worst event in human history to take place. I believe that it is important for us to understand that this tragedy took place purely because of human desire to be the best and so it is important for us not to forget the past in order to make sure that there will never be a repeat of such hatred in the future. ...read more.

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