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How Are Young Black Males Represented In Hollywood Films?

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How Are Young Black Males Represented In Hollywood Films? Black Knight Analysis Black Knight is a film starring Martin Lawrence which is a DreamWorks production released in July 2002 by AOL Time Warner. DreamWorks and AOL Time Warner are large companies that have achieved high levels of recognition and status within the film industry. The fact it was produced by two large companies connotes that it is a film with a large budget so any special effects are likely to be impressive, and have the ability to employ high budget actors/actresses which will bring in bigger crowds. The fact it is produced by a reputable company also means that the film should not be discriminatory or prejudiced. Black Knight is a text of the comedy genre but provides a mixed representation of young black males, as it opposes the dominant ideology yet also, eventually conforms to it. Martin Lawrence is shown as different to everyone else repeatedly throughout the film, he is then shown as the hero, but then this is taken away when he wakes up and it was all a dream. ...read more.


Not only does this give connotations that black people cannot achieve success without doing something wrong, but the fact the king is white also gives subliminal messages that white people should have power over black people. This scene shows black people as easy targets for scapegoating. It also gives the impression that white people should always be believed over black people. Another key part of the film is the battle scene. This is the penultimate scene and this is important in terms of the fact it has many subliminal messages and negative connotations. Jamal rides into battle dressed as the 'Black Knight' to save his army of peasants who are getting beaten in the battle. The Black Knight was originally a white man dressed in black armour. This connotes that he could only achieve success by emulating the actions of a white man. He goes to the battlements to fight the white villain of the film, and is losing dismally until he is saved by an elderly white man, who shoots the villain with an arrow and kills him. ...read more.


The target audience is seven to twelve year old children in the demographic social groups B, C1 and C2. This in inappropriate because members of this age range are impressionable and there are many subliminal messages given out in the duration of the films which could be interpreted as racist. The representation of black people in the film Black Knight are mainly negative and even when Martin Lawrence's character is shown in a positive way, it is only temporarily as he is then quickly shown in a negative manner. The representation of women in the film is also derogatory because they are shown simply as sex objects and play no major role in the film except to seduce the men. Women were given no positive moments in the film and this gives sexist connotations. The lack of disabled characters in the film shows the attitude of Hollywood towards the handicapped, the fact that they have no representatives in the film shows that they are not considered important. Tom Blazak ...read more.

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