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How did Hitler become Chancellor in 1933?

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´╗┐How did Hitler become chancellor in 1933? zl Hitler was the leader of the National Socialist German Workers? Party (Nazis). He wanted to be the Chancellor of Germany because that position has the power and authority to make decisions that are able to affect Germany. Finally, in 1933, he was appointed the Chancellor by President Hindenburg and became the dictator of Germany a year later. There are a numerous ways in which Hitler has strategically used to become the Chancellor in Germany despite the initial reluctance of President Hindenburg to appoint him. The first is the use of propaganda which Hitler used effectively and consistently to manipulate the population. ...read more.


It also infuriated German people by making them think that they were wronged and were ?stabbed in the back? and therefore conquering other lands to regain what was theirs is the only right thing to do. There is no doubt that without the infamous Nazi Propagandas, Hitler would never have gotten the chance to be appointed as Chancellor. It is known that Hitler is a charismatic public speaker and also the one of the greatest orator in history that manages to enchant and apply to Germans at times of consequence. His world-renowned speeches were all carefully orchestrated to manipulate and to hypnotize the German people into supporting his ideologies. ...read more.


The scapegoating of Jews on the defeat of Germany in World War One also played a huge role in the appointment of Hitler as Chancellor. At that time, anti-Semitism had already been around for quite some time in Europe. Their appearance were easily distinguished and they were not the most popular or well-liked group of people. As Germany was in a state of chaos (hyperinflation and The Great Depression) Hitler needed someone to blame. He was an anti-sematic himself, so by scapegoating the Jews, Hitler not only gained support from the people, it also satisfied his hatred towards the Jews. Scapegoating the Jews proved to be an efficient tool to gain support from German people. Hitler used a few ways to manipulate the public to achieve his aim. However, I believe the most significant method is the usage of Nazi Propagandas. ...read more.

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