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How did Hitler come to power?

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How did Hitler come to power? One of the ways Hitler was able to come to power was by moving into the German Worker's Party, which consisted of only seven members. To bring in new members Hitler prepared invitations, which each committee member gave to friends asking them to attend the party's monthly public meeting, but few came. Then he placed an advertisement in the newspaper, (one of the early forms of propaganda) in Munich and at Hitler's insistence, moved the public meeting to a beer cellar that that would consist of about one hundred people. The other committee members were concerned they might have trouble filling the place, but just over a hundred showed up at the meeting held on October 16, 1919. ...read more.


They joined the German Workers' Party in growing numbers. Hitler was becoming more and more famous. On February 24, 1920, Hitler held a large meeting in a hall in Munich and saw two thousand people waiting, including a large number of Communists. A few minutes into his speech, shouting followed by open brawling between German Workers' Party associates and disruptive Communists drowned him out. Eventually, Hitler resumed speaking and claims in Mein Kampf the shouting was gradually drowned out by applause. He made clear the twenty five points about his party and one by one got approval by the crowd. In the summer of 1920, Hitler chose the symbol, which to this day remains perhaps the most infamous in history, the swastika. ...read more.


With Nazi members demanding action, Hitler knew he had to act or risk losing the leadership of his Party. This was when the Munich Putch came about. Unfortunately for him, Hitler was arrested for treason and put into prison. However, his time in prison was beneficial because he had time to think about what he was going to do next. He was also allowed to use the courtroom to give his powerful speeches because of his skills to persuade people. The Nazi Party after the Putsch became disorganized, but Hitler had gained national influence by taking advantage of the press to make his ideas known. He was also able to produce a book to set down his ideas as a form of propaganda. By persuading and manipulating so many people, Hitler was able to rise to power and became Chancellor shortly after he printed his book. ...read more.

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