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How did Prohibition change US Society in the 1920s

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How did Prohibition change US Society in the 1920s Many things changed in society in America in the 1920s because of Prohibition, this changed the US in two main ways: the economic boom and the introduction of illegal speakeasies. Because of the economic boom in the US in the 1920s the number of people out of work decreased dramatically, these people were employed mainly in factories making new goods such as cars and radios. ...read more.


Another reason for the rates of low income was agriculture, a few years before prohibition it was the largest industry in America now it suffered a serious decline. Because of the high demand for alcohol in the US when it became illegal many saloon owners and other people started speakeasies, these were saloons that sold alcohol illegally. The owners of the speakeasies got away with selling alcohol by using many tactics, many of the smaller speakeasies used a password system to restricted the type of people who entered, other larger more famous speakeasies bribed the police. ...read more.


Before the act of prohibition it was deemed unacceptable for women to drinking alcohol in public, after the act because drinking alcohol was illegal for everyone it was not frowned upon for women to drink in public. This liberated women and now many of them smoked drank and flaunted their sexuality in public. Overall I feel that the changes in the 1920s in America because of prohibition are more economical than social, but these economical changes effected society in ways that would stay in America long after prohibition. Alistair Griffin ...read more.

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