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How did the British government try to protect the British people during the Second World War?

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How did the British government try to protect the British people during the Second World War? During the Second World War the British government used various methods to protect the people of towns and cites. They did this for several reasons... One of the ways the government tried to protect the British people was evacuation. During the Second World War, many children living in big cities and towns were moved temporarily from their homes to places considered safer, usually out in the countryside. Around 1, 500, 00 people were evacuated into Neutral Areas and Reception Areas. Children were moved in school groups with there teachers. They had to have labels around there necks in case they got lost. Gas masks had been produced for everyone in-case of an emergency. Even in air raid shelters. It became an offence to be seen without a gas mask. Also you would be charged by the police if you were caught without a gas mask. Gas masks were usually carried around in a metal box. ...read more.


Also so that rich people weren't able to buy things that other people could not afford. Surprisingly King George VI allowed his ration book to be published. So that he could be in the same vote as everyone. Another reason the British government introduced rationing was try to make Britain people as fit and as healthy as possible. If people were fit and healthy, this would mean that fit people would be able to work. And that they would need less hospital care. Everyone when issued with a ration book then had to be taken to be register with a dairy, butcher and grocers then they were supplied with enough food for their customers. Also even with people went on holiday then had to take it with them. Then the ration book had to be given to the landlady or the hotel. Not everyone received the same rations. Workers in heavy in industry received more. Also pregnant women. But if you worked in an office you received less. ...read more.


Usually with 4-5 entertainers. Wireless programs like this were so popular that they were still going long after the war had ended. By 1945 more than 10 million owned, what was then called a wireless radio. Another way the government tried to protect the British people was Air Raid Shelters. There were Anderson shelters and Morrison Shelters. Anderson Shelters were dug into the garden and covered with earth. They were made out of iron. They protected people against falling brickwork if the houses were bombed. However, a lot of people didn't have gardens. And no public shelters. From 1941 people used a Morrison Shelter. This was a steal cage, which was fitted under a dining table. This would reduce the likelihood of casualties. People were advised to keep off the streets as much as possible. Over one million shelters had been distributed to families. In conclusion of my essay. I thought that the British government did well in protecting the people. Rationing made a fairer way of sharing recourses. Evacuation made the people safer. Propaganda helped people understand what was happening and what to. Therefore I think that the government did protect the British people during the Second World War. By Emma Brown ...read more.

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