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How did the Civil Rights Movement try to improve the lives of black people in the 1950’s?

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How did the Civil Rights Movement try to improve the lives of black people in the 1950's? In the year of 1954, The Supreme Court finally declared the segregated schools for white and black children was against the Constitution and so was therefore illegal. This was the first victory for the Civil Rights Movement. The decision came about due to a man called Oliver Brown who wanted his daughter to go to a local white school because the girl was currently travelling to school by bus to go to a black school and people who went to black schools were known to get either no education or poor education, meaning that they had few qualifications, resulting in getting a poor job with low pay, which meant that their children got a poor education. ...read more.


She was arrested. This is how the Montgomery Bus Boycott started off. Now as the majority of black people did no have cars they usually took the bus so the black community decided to attempt a form of 'direct action' and not get on any bus until things were changed. This is where Martin Luther King came in with the non- violent, non anti- white and organised, united campaign, trying to break the rules of segregation. In 1957, nine black pupils tried to join Little Rock High School in Arkansas (one of the most backward southern state schools, least ready to change.) But a huge group of white pupils gathered in front of the school trying to stop them. The State Governor refused to let the black pupils enrol so President Eisenhower sent in his own Federal guard to help the blacks enter the school everyday which reinforced de-segregation. ...read more.


Black people were allowed to vote but they needed to register firs. Registering was very hard as the white people working at these offices would do a number of things such as; ask obtuse questions or close the office as soon as black people walked in. This prevented black people from voting as they could not even register so racist politicians and judges were elected. By 1961, there were still no black children in white schools in the state of Alabama, Mississippi or Carolina and progress towards de-segregation was extremely slow. Though there were 2 million black children in the South only 2,600 of those went to integrated schools with whites. Because the people who ran the states were racist black people didn't get enough support and weren't strong enough which meant the progress in eliminating segregation was limited. Kome Emuh 11H ...read more.

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