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How did the Depression help Hitler

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There were many reasons why Hitler had risen to power in Germany by 1933, but in many ways the Depression was one that especially contributed to it. This was extremely beneficial for Hitler and the Nazis to gain publicity, increase public fear of communism and increase their votes in the Reichstag. The Worldwide Depression occurred as a consequence of the Wall Street Crash, (one of the most devastating stock market crashes in Americanjhistory) which sent the U.S.A. into a disastrous economic depression. In a very short time, countries around the world began to feel the effects of this depression. Germany was particularly badly affected. It'sgeconomygtotally declined and America called in their loans. Unemployment increased extremely fast and millions of people in the street were starving and homeless. ...read more.


Hitler promised farmers higher prices for their products , he guaranteed jobs for the unemployed by building public works such as roads or stadiums and assured the middle classes to restore the profits of small business and the value of savings. People supported Hitler mainly because he promised them what they wanted and needed to hear. They were tired of their poor quality life and Hitler promised to change that. The Weimar Republic appeared to have no idea how to solve the problems of the Depression. The Depression was a tremendous piece of good luck for the Nazis, since it strengthened their support and increased public fear of communism. If there hadn't been a Depression Hitler would not have been able to come to power as he wouldn't have been able to convince the people so easily to believe in him. ...read more.


territories, they were to pay reparations for the costs of the war and they had to admit that they were guilty for starting the war. This was the most embarrassing part of the Treaty because they felt it wasn't true. All this anger about the Treaty of Versailles created a very strong hostility which caused the germans to have revenge. Hitler's brilliant speaking aptitude, personality and leadership also persuaded people to believe in him. He was unique in his ability to control people's emotions with his oratory. The Munich Putsch of 1923 also helped him, since it got the people to know of him and his ideas. Finally the decision by Papen and Hindenburg of appointing him Chancellor in 1933 was the final step that contributed to Hitler coming to power and becoming leader of Germany. ...read more.

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