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How did the Depression help the Nazis?

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How did the Depression help the Nazis? In October 1929 the Wall Street crash in the U.S.A had a worldwide effect and was the cause of the great depression. This caused big problems in Germany, as the U.S.A wanted all the money back that they had been loaning Germany. Therefore Germany could not pay back the allies their reparations. So German people were affected very badly. Unemployment rose to nearly 6 million in 1932. So did this depression help the Nazis win power in Germany? Unemployment rose considerably and many people were left hungry and living on the streets. ...read more.


This was extremely unpopular decision. The president himself was also a problem for the Weimar government. Article 48 meant that the president could take full power in an emergency. Germany was now in presidential rule. But the president was an 84 year old war hero, controlled by army leaders and business. The Nazis were very organised and used propaganda very well. They mostly used posters, which were cheap and easy to spread everywhere. This would try and persuade people to support the Nazis. ...read more.


They still kept to their same principle ideas, but what people didn't like they would change. Hitler's image was very important, the Nazi party tried to make him look very big and important. They would have massive rallies and he would shout and give big grant speeches. They wanted Hitler to look like a strong leader. There were many other smaller parties, which didn't take the Nazi party seriously. They should have joined forces, then they would be much stronger and would be able to over power the Nazis. But they didn't so we over ruled. Chris Mellor Sunday, May 4, 2008 NH ...read more.

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