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How did the depression help the Nazis?

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How did the depression help the Nazis? The depression of 1929 occurred due to the Wall Street crash in America. America had been lending money to Germany in a plan called the 'Dawes plan'. Once the wall street crash occurred, America wanted their money back and this lead to German businesses and banks closing. As a result of this people turned to the politicians for an answer. Many of the political parties did not have an answer. There is no doubt in my mind that this was the most important reason for Hitler coming to power. The Weimar government seemed helpless to revive the German economy. Hitler had been waiting for this opportunity a long time and when he finally got it he exploited it. ...read more.


Hitler also used propaganda to whip up fear and hatred of the communists. He also used what some people called his propaganda machine, E.g. Newspapers, posters and film. He did this to get his message across to the German people. The Nazis also claimed that Germany needed a strong leader and also needed to get rid of the Treaty of Versailles. The Nazis succeeded in the elections as businessmen were afraid of communists who would try and nationalize industry. The middle class people hoped that the Nazis would prevent them from more inflation. The unemployed thought that the Nazis would get people to get back to work. Hitler was a good public speaker and whipped up emotions in his rallies. ...read more.


Another reason that I have forgotten to mention until now is ' Article 48', article 48 gave the president powers to be able to suspend the Reichstag and rule by decree in the case of a 'national emergency'. When the wall street crash occurred Hindenburg decided to use this and he dissolved the Reichstag, this would obviously help Hitler as Hindenburg called for an election to take place in 1930. In this election Hitler increased his votes. This incident showed Hitler that not even Hindenburg had confidence in the Reichstag and it also gave Hitler a legal pathway into becoming Chancellor. Overall I think that the Nazis fully benefited from the depression of 1929- 1930, as it would eventually lead Hitler into becoming the president of Germany as well as also turning people against the Weimar Government and against the Treaty of Versailles. By 1932 the Nazis were the biggest single party in the whole of Germany. ...read more.

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