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How did the Nazis control the German people between 1933-1939?

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How did the Nazis control the German people between 1933-1939? In the time that the Nazis (and Hitler) were in power, they used as many ways as they could think of to try to control the German people and win support for themselves. If Hitler was to rule the way he wanted and was to achieve the things which he wanted to achieve, it meant having the people of Germany totally under his control and willing to do whatever he asked them to do was vital. As we know, Hitler was a very strong willed man and if he wanted the people under his control, then that was what he got. The first thing that Hitler did to try to get control was to make himself dictator. ...read more.


People were willing to agree with this as even before Hitler there was a lot resentment felt by the German people towards the Jews. The Treaty of Versailles was another thing which Hitler focused on to try and gain him support from the people. This was something that many people were not very happy about and felt that Germany had not been treated fairly. Hitler agreed with this and was furious with the people who had agreed with the Treaty in the first place. He promised to abolish this treaty and this gained him a lot of support from the people. Britain and France actually helped him accomplish this, and in turn win the support of the Germans by trying to appease Hitler and giving into him as he one by one broke the rules laid down by the treaty. ...read more.


He also stopped women from working as much as this created more jobs available to men and a woman who did not have a job did not count as being unemployed this looked good on the unemployment tables. Possibly the main way in which the Nazi Party tried to control the German people was through Propaganda. The man who was in charge of this was Dr Josef Goebbels. His job was to ensure that the German people were only told about the good things in the regime and only heard praise for it. There were many ways in which these messages were spread such as posters, newspapers, pamphlets, books, film and the radio. The theory was that if you said something loud and often enough then people would begin to think that it was true. ...read more.

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