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How did the Nazis Party influence everyday life in Germany?

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Question: How did the Nazis Party influence everyday life in Germany? Answer: When Hitler took over the position of Chancellor of Germany on 30th January 1933, all aspects of life in Germany were now under Nazi party control. The Nazi Party literally begins to influence everyday life of German citizens. Germany was now re-organised into Gaus (provinces) with a Gauleiter- a loyal Nazi in charge. Above them were the Reichsleiters like Goering and Goebbels, who advised Hitler. At the top was the Fuhrer - Hitler himself who was in absolute control. Every aspect of life was carefully controlled and only loyal Nazis could be successful in achieving their ambitions. ...read more.


The textbooks were altered and school timetables rearranged to support Nazis ideas. In the school, students were taught all Nazi ideas, principles and basic theories of Nazism. The students were taught to believe that German race was Aryan and superior to all non-Aryan Races like Jews who were considered inferior and persecuted. Hitler's propaganda even carried out outside schools. The Nazis wanted to control young people, as they were the future citizens of Germany. The youths of Germany had no alternative but to join the Nazis, as all other youth organizations had been either absorbed or made illegal. By 1933, Hitler's propaganda was even carried out schools and he enrolled boys at the age of 14 to "Hitler Youth" and girls to "League of Maidens". ...read more.


(4) The Nazi Party's also influenced the life of German film stars and the German film Industry. Germany was making films from 1930. But from 1933, the Nazis banned the Jews from taking any part in film Industry. Many Jewish film figures left Germany. The film Industry under the strong control of Propaganda Minister Josef Gobbels. The scripts of the films were checked before production, and foreign film imports banned (5) The Nazi Party even influenced the lives of people in sports..In Sports Propaganda and racial injustice was followed . Hitler was angry when a black American Jesse Owens took 4 gold medals in Berlin Olympics (1936). Conclusion: To sum up we can say that Hitler's had a total control over people's lives and no one could oppose him, as people were happier as there were new jobs. ...read more.

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