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How Did the Role of Women In America Really Change After the First World War ?

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HOW DID THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN AMERICA REALLY CHANGE AFTER THE FIRST WORLD WAR ? Before World war 1, the women's place was in the home. Her job was to clean and look after the house, take care of the children and have a meal prepared for the Husband when he came home from work. They were not considered able to work outside the home. Women had a lower status than men in society. They were not even able to vote. During the first world war the women had to take over a lot of the men's jobs as all the able men had gone over to Europe to fight in the war. This was a chance for the women of America to prove that they could do the jobs normally associated only with men, and that they could do them just as well as their male counterparts. ...read more.


in 1912. This group wanted an amendment that would give the right to vote to all American women. BY 1919 women could vote in 29 states and the rest were converted in 1920 (The rest being the other 19 states, as this was before Alaska and Hawaii joined the union in 1959 as the 49th and 50 states, respectively). This was when the nineteenth amendment, Women's suffrage, was enforced into the American constitution. The women of America had finally gained the right to vote. The fight to be able to vote was only the first of many battles won by the American women. They had been given a new sense of freedom and many of the younger women started to break out of their mould. ...read more.


Women would buy household goods such as silk stockings, jazz records or rouge compacts. They mainly bought clothes as they gave women individual identities. Women also started to work in the same workplace as men, and there was more competition for jobs. Margaret Sanger campaigned for birth control facilities for women as she was sick of seeing women with lots of children and very little money. Over 200 planned parenthood clinics were opened throughout America during her lifetime. Without the first world war women might not have been in the position they are now. The change in society was beneficial to everyone as women were just as good as men at working, sometimes better. There is no dispute over the fact that World War 1 was a terrible tragedy, but without it, the world would be a very different place. ...read more.

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