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How did World War II start?

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How did World War II start? "Hitler's aims and actions were the only causes of world war two." Do you agree or disagree with this statement? When considering the reasons for the outbreak of war in 1939 it is easy to place the entire blame on Hitler's aggressive foreign policy in the late 1930's. One British historian, writing a few years after the end of the war, claimed that the Second World War was Hitler's personal war, in that he intended it, he prepared for it, he chose the moment for launching it.' In this assignment it is my intension to show that Hitler's foreign policy was a major factor in causing the conflict but that there are other reasons to be considered as well. There were a number of long term factors that contributed to World War Two. The treaty of Versailles was probably the first factor which leads to world war two. This created a lot of tension and anger in Germany, the German people said it was a 'DIK-TAT', a non-negotiable agreement. ...read more.


After the treaty of Versailles in 1929 the Wall Street crash occurred. This marked the end of the period of improving international relations in the late 20's. As countries began to suffer with the loss of trade, unemployment and political problems. The country's put there interests first. America's loans to Germany to help them pay the reparations ceased. This helped Hitler to come to power as the government German was instable. During the depression the League of Nations was strongly struggling trying to keep peace between nations, and without an army of there own, they had to relay on other nations governments. America hadn't joined the league as it lost two thirds majority in the covenant, America was the strongest power in the world, the league was bound to fail. Now the league had collapsed Hitler could move forward without worrying about any trouble from foreign countries. Hitler came to power because of some of these factors. ...read more.


With Stalin not being invited to the Munich conference and Hitler being worried of a two front war, Hitler made a secret agreement with Stalin saying that the two countries Germany and Russia would not go to war with each other this was known as the Nazi-Soviet pact, it is thought that Russia singed the pact because he was annoyed at Britain and France. The last straw was the invasion of Poland, which Britain said if Hitler was to set one foot in Poland they would declare war on Germany. On the first of September 1939 Hitler invaded Poland, by the third of September Britain declared war on Germany and was closely followed by France. In my opinion Hitler wanted a war with Britain and France to get revenge on the treaty of vaillsaies, Hitler probably wouldn't of come to power if some of the factors didn't occur, such as the world depression, the appeasement policy and may be if Hitler wouldn't of come to power if the USA joined the league of nations in 1919. Paul mcgarty ...read more.

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