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How Effectively Did The Nazis Control Germany? The Nazis controlled Germany very effectively because there was little opposition towards their regime

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How Effectively Did The Nazis Control Germany? The Nazis controlled Germany very effectively because there was little opposition towards their regime. The little opposition was due to their powerful organization and control over Germany. The Nazis managed to convince many people that their actions were good and right by using propaganda. This was very important to the Nazis. Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of propaganda, took over newspaper publishers and told publishers what the news should be. Opposing anti-nazi newspapers were closed. He encouraged new films because he though that propaganda succeeded when people were entertained. Goebbels took over all the radio stations and loudspeakers were put up in public places. Festivals were organized and books were burned with un-German context. ...read more.


The S.S., an elite force who controlled the police, and the Gestapo, the state secret police, closely watched the German people for any opposition. Many German people did not oppose the Nazis because they were frightened of being arrested and punished. The S.S. had power to arrest without trial and the Gestapo had informers who could report opposition to them. The Nazis were very strict on any opposition because people could get the death penalty for doing stuff like having a sexual relationship with a Jew, telling anti Nazi jokes and stealing from air raid shelters. Despite this there were many anti nazi jokes being told circulating privately amongst people even though it was punishable by death. ...read more.


The two main ones were the 'Edelweiss Pirates', who went on hikes, camped, sang and talked, and the 'Swing Youth', for middle class who wanted to dance and listen to swing music. Some 'Edelweiss Pirates' became involved in direct opposition to the Nazis Underground plotting was quite common for people who did not want to oppose the Nazis publicly. In 1936 The Gestapo broke up 1000 meetings of underground groups. There was a bomb plot in 1944 to destroy Hitler that he was lucky to escape and was the closest plot to succeeding. The Nazis managed to effectively control Germany because they managed to get rid of and stop opposition. Most people came to fear the Nazis and were led to believe that what the Nazis were doing was right. The opposition was little but the bomb plot could have been effective ?? ?? ?? ?? 07/05/2007 ...read more.

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