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How far did the Weimar Republic recover under Stresemann

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How far did the Weimar Republic recover under Stresemann? (1923-1938) Everyone thought that the Weimar Republic must collapse, but it managed to survive. It survived by the Freikorps, who put down the communist revolts (1919-1920), the army which also put down the communist revolts (1923) and Strikes, The Kapp Putsch was right-wing, so the Freikorps and Army refused to help the government. ...read more.


Stresemann achieved a lot while he was in government: * He called off the Ruhr strike and started paying reparations again. * He fixed the inflation and took in the old Marks, and changed them for the new Rentenmark, this was worth 3000 million marks. * He persuaded the French to leave the Ruhr in April 1924. ...read more.


* As soon as economic prosperity returned, the Great Coalition organised by Stresemann collapsed, and the moderate pro-democracy parties began to argue among themselves again. Thus they would not be strong enough to resist a challenge from extremist parties if ever there was one. * Extremist politicians were not won over by the good times. Right-wing nationalists still hated the Republic as the 'November criminals' - they just waited for a situation to arise which would give them the opportunity to attack the Weimar government. ...read more.

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