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How far do I agree that evacuation was a success

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How far do I agree that evacuation was a success ? Firstly I will say what evacuation is and what it supposed to achieve. The meaning of evacuation is to move large numbers of people away from a certain area. All evacuations require a lot of planning and the evacuation of cities up and down the UK during the Second World War was no acceptation. The preparations where being started as early as 1936 when members of the public where shown footage of the German led raids on Guernica during the Spanish Civil War, during which many Spaniard lost their lives. Around the same time the city council of London began its preparations for the mass evacuation which would take place three years later, the main thing that they planned was the transportation of children to the countryside and how they would be distributed amongst the people who currently lived in the areas they where being sent to. By 1938 from the evidence the government had collected from the Spanish Civil War they expected that 10,000 people would die during each air raid, so now it was imperative to make sure the evacuation went to plan to reduce the amount of casualties once the war had begun. ...read more.


As I have already said, the children mostly had smiles on their faces when being taken to the train station to be sent of to `somewhere safe`, as they where told at the time. The second and final thing I came across in my sources was on the large part how well the evacuees where treated, they were usually sent to middle class middle aged families who easily had the potential to look after them and treat them well, in the words of one young boy, " It was like I had been sent to stay with the king" That also gives a good impression of how different living in the inner city was to living in the relative luxury of the countryside, also from a different source from the government I noticed how much safer the children would have been in the countryside and how grateful the government where for the people who took in the children, with quotes such as ` you will be doing a great service to your nation` showing how important a job they where doing. That concludes my view of all the things that would make me agree with the statement " Evacuation was a great success" Now I will talk about the disagreeable points of evacuation, the first big point I quickly became aware of was the cost of ...read more.


From what I seen of the extract I was given to the great novel Carrie, it shows how the people of the countryside viewed the inner city children as a lower class and poorer, this in my opinion is a bad thing because they where pre judged but it could also be a good thing if they were not treated to harshly because of this, the quote that shows this to me best is, `"she thinks we're poor children, too poor to have slippers," and they giggled. In conclusion I can say that I agree with the statement " Evacuation was a great success" because I think it did save lives and no price should stop a life from being saved, it also helped the majority of children have a positive memory of the war which could only be good in the long run. The final reason which makes me agree is the fact the government didn't do it as a panic operation it was only undertaken after 3 years of planning and The Phoney War could not have been accounted for and even still the government dealt with that problem well by trying to persuade people to go ahead with the evacuation for a second time. Danny Jones History ...read more.

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