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How far do these sources suggest that the militant campaigns of the suffragettes obstructed the cause they sought to promote?

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How far do these sources suggest that the militant campaigns of the suffragettes obstructed the cause they sought to promote? The question I'm answering is mainly based on dates and circumstances, the dates of the sources are important because they all happen in a two year time span so its easy to pin point specific situation that may of kicked off WSPU insurgencies into more militant activities. I will answer this question by going through the source then analysing the strengths and weaknesses. Then conclude on how the source actually helps me to answer the direct question. In source A, we see a woman being forced fed through the nose. The title of this source is 'The Governments methods of barbarism' at the bottom of this source we see a small overview of how a person is force-fed. The problem with this source is that it is a cartoon, so hence it is not a fall proof reliable source. No one was there to draw this picture, the illustrator of the source is just getting an information of force feeding from a suffragette who has had first hand experience of this treatment. ...read more.


The source however doesn't really tell us much about how the militant campaign of the suffragettes was interfering in their case for franchise. Because we don't actually see any of the suffragettes militancy in the picture. This source also links with source D that shows "Wild scenes" at Buckingham Palace, it links in with Source B because again we don't see the full picture of the action, all we see is a small group of women violently protesting, we don't see the vast majority of women probably peacefully protesting out of shot. This scene is happening because Emmeline Pankhurst is trying to present a partition to King George. Again this source is limited because we don't see what happened before and after this picture was taken. And that again we see suffragettes rioting, this emphasises that the only way in which they are trying to get the vote is by protesting, sometimes violently. Other historians though may view this scene differently, they may see that the police have caused this mayhem by lashing out first to try and dispel the protesters and this has caused widespread panic at the gates of the Palace. ...read more.


This source again does not have a direct responsibility for obstructing the franchise cause but the 'martyrism' of Miss Davidson did hamper the cause somewhat. Source F shows the member numbers of the WSPU's and the NUWSS and also the annual income of the WSPU, we see that membership for both groups grew through the year from 1906 till the war with a slight dip for the WSPU, these sources do show limitations, such as the annual income of the WSPU doesn't show us who actually donated the money and all that income could come from just a few aristocratic people. This source does however show that the WSPU's militant campaign did obstruct there fight for the vote, because we see a dip in the number of members in 1913-14 this may show that women were becoming disheartened by the increased use of violence to get the franchise. In Conclusion the sources do go someway in showing us how far they suggest that the militant campaigns of the WSPU's blocked the question of franchise. But some of the sources did not have any real straight path into the question of militant campaigns such as the statistics. There should have been another source consisting maybe of a burnt house or broken window to show us what actually the WSPU did in their quest for the franchise. ...read more.

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