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How far does Haig deserve to be called the Butcher of the Somme?

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How far does Haig deserve to be called the Butcher of the Somme? This essay will argue that Haig was not the butcher of the Somme and will not agree with the title of my essay will also give reasons why Haig was the butcher of the Somme. The reasons why Haig was not are that the French were hard to cope with and the state of the British army and the reasons why Haig was the are of his personality, his tactics and the poor choice of the battle field Haig was not the butcher of the Somme for lots of reason the France had a lot to blame for the Somme, before the Somme the French had committed the same amount of soldiers as the British but as the battle at Verdun went on they were pumping more soldiers into Verdun so this made the amount of soldiers they could put into the battle of the Somme they went form putting 25 legions to 2 legions which made a considerable difference to the battle at Verdun. ...read more.


Also they lifted the barrage 10 minutes early which allowed the Germans to get to the machine guns and artillery which lead to a lot of deaths, this was not just the artillery crew fault it was also to do with the difficulties in the communications department. Also to no ones fault 1 in 3 artillery shells failed to explode. There were problems with new weapons in WW1 the gas was not working very well in the attack of the Somme and had only just come out in the war at this time but at the beginning the gas came from canisters and gas can kill both sides because they did not have any gas masks. Also what else was there that Haig could have done, and he did achieve all of his plan for the battle of the Somme, his aims were to relieve the French at Verdun which he did do, his next aim was to "break out" and capture the high ground where the German trenches were which he did do and his last aim was to kill as many Germans as possible which he did also. ...read more.


His tactics were not well thought through his plan firstly depended on the German defences not being very strong, which they were not they were very strong as a matter of fact. He also relied on 5 day bombardments which later lead to 7 days of bombardment instead. He was going to use the strategy of attrition this was to wear the Germans down which expected to take a long time and cause a lot of casualties on both sides this was his fault for deciding to have a war of attrition, this is why I think he was a butcher because he knew lots of people where going to die and he did not do anything about it. My conclusion is that Haig does not deserve to be called the butcher of the Somme because all he did was try to win a battle and achieve his aims which he did very successfully, even though there reasons to suspect that he was the butcher of the Somme but I still think that he does not deserve the title "Butcher of the Somme." ...read more.

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