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How far was Franklin D Roosevelt himself responsible for his election victory in 1932?

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How far was Franklin D Roosevelt himself responsible for his election victory in 1932? In 1932 Herbert Hoover was president. His main philosophy was " The business of America is business" he also believed in " rugged individualism". This meant he prefered people working hard for themselves and earning their own money rather than relying on the government for help. The Wall Street Crash had occurred three years earlier and over 12 million people were left unemployed and living in poverty, so his belief in 2rugged individualism2 was proved worthless when there was no work for people to do. The Wall Street Crash occurred because some companies that people invested in were dishonest and some never even existed. ...read more.


This then led to the banks becoming bankrupt. Millions of people were out of jobs and unemployment soared to 13 million. When large amounts of ex-service men arrived to pick up the bonuses they had been promised in the war, Hoover cancelled them and lost valuable votes in doing so leaving the way clear for Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, New York on the 30th January 1882. He was born into a wealthy family and was taught by home tutors until the age of fourteen when he began attending Groton school. He did well at Havard University and Columbia law schools before going to the New York Bar in 1907. ...read more.


This attempt, unfortunately, was unsuccessful but nonetheless Roosevelt was elected as govenor of New York. During Roosevelt's run for presidency he spoke of a "New deal" for the American people. He wanted to restore the people's faith in the government. He did this by closing all the banks to stop people from drawing their money out. This act of decency and responsibility for the people of America brought him respect from many. I feel that Roosevelts responsabilty and faithfulness I mentioned before had a major part to play in the success in his defeating Hoover. Louisa Murray candidate no:9871 Centre no:58111 ...read more.

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