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How far was president Roosevelt able to solve the economic problems of the usa by 1941?

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How far was president Roosevelt able to solve the economic problems of the usa by 1941? President Roosevelt developed the New Deal in 1933-its aims were relief and recovery-helping victims of the depression and trying ot get the economy going, reform and regulation. By using 'fireside chats' over the radio which made him seem friendly and people started to trust him. Roosevelt was able to inspire confidence in his government and his handling of the Depression it worked because people had started to deposit moeny into the banks again. ...read more.


He protected home owners and frmers by gving them loans. There were failures such as the aaa not achiving what they wanted too, wheat productin fell due to drought, The second New Deal saw the setting up of other programmes such as the works progress administration-WPA, which was particularly successful at dealing with unemployment. During the second hundred days Roosevelt also set up the Wagner Act which was stronger than the NIRA. In 1935 there were several other acts such as the Social Security Act and the Revenue Act. ...read more.


Trade with the Far East and other markets also helped the USA in the 1930s, and tariffs helped the industry of the USA. military rearmament took priority over the New Deal, and in order to get support for this from conservatives Roosevelt had to cut back on the New Deal. However, the forthcoming arrival of the Second World War helped the US economy out of recession. To conclude, Roosevelt manged to solve the economic problems to an extent by 1941 by introducing he 1st and 2nd new deal but because of the success and fauliurs in both deals it wasn't a massive success that Roosevelt tried to solve. ...read more.

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