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How far was the League of Nations a success in the 1920(TM)s?

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GCSE homework - How far was the League of Nations a success in the 1920's? in this essay, I will be talking about the successes and failures of the league of nations. Some of the subjects I will be talking about are: the memories of "the great war"/ world war one were still fresh, other international agreements promoted peace (these are both reasons for success.)Also; some reasons for failures in the league include: the USA did not join the league, the league lacked a standing army and the organisation of the league was weak. I will explain these points in more depth in this essay. ...read more.


This meant that the league wasn't seriously challenged. Some evidence: the international labour organisation, and the aims to encourage co-operation in business and trade. After the great war, many nations that had been strong / aggressive before; had been -weakened by the war. In result of this; no one had the military or pecuniary assets to start another war. Consequently, the league was not faced with any threat of conflict. This made the job of the league more easier and peace was more likely to commence. Some evidence: The league managed to settle the dispute between Greece and Bulgaria in 1925 because Greece was weak and was in no position to challenge the authority of the league. ...read more.


However the league had to rely on the other major members to sacrifice their own armies. America has the biggest army and, as you would have guessed, the other countries didn't want to give their armies to the nations. Some evidence: at the Vilna case in 1920, the league lacked its own army to enforce its belief the Vilna should be given back to Lithuania. To conclude, I think that the league of nations was more of a failure in the 1920's. I think this because, the strongest, most powerful nation in the world at the time wasn't a member, the league was dominated by Britain and France, and, finally, the league had no standing army. This made the league very weak and therefore, made it next to impossible to succeed what it was set up to do. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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