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How far would you agree that the Nazis had achieved a state of ‘pure Aryans’ by 1939?

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Nazi racial policy 1933-1939 Task: How far would you agree that the Nazis had achieved a state of 'pure Aryans' by 1939? Introduction By 1939 the Nazi regimes was very powerful and had a large number of supporters and were in the process of removing all non-Aryans from Germany. I partially agree that by 1939 the Nazi's has achieved a pure Aryan state, they had absconded a lot Jews and other races from their government. Any places where the Jews were in power in the German legal system they were removed, before 1939 Jews that had served in the German army In world war 1 were allowed to carry on practising, but after the Nazis regime got even more extreme they were completely removed. Later on in this period they had removed the Jewish community from normal German society by restricting them to living in squalid conditions in Ghetto's, these places were filled with disease and infection, rats and malaria, there was poor sanitation and they were monitored around the clock by German soldiers, this was the extreme idea of Heydrick, the man who was directly underneath Himler. ...read more.


Another Policy that helped the Nazis to a pure Aryan state was compulsory sterilisation, where if you failed a medical examination, then you lost your right to bare children, any body who was diagnosed with a mental disorder or even the simplest things like having a panic attack could lead to you loosing out on having children. The doctors and nurses would not tell the patients what was happening until after the operation, this was a more brutal way of introducing a pure Aryan state. Women played a great part in the idea of a pure Aryan state; they were the people that the Nazi depended on to breed the new Nazis. The Nazis made motherhood glorified by awarding medals this helped to achieve a pure Aryan state because the glorification of childbirth would of led them to strive to have more children and thus increasing the birth-rate, this was made into a pure Aryan state, by sterilisation and the decrease in Jewish and German children. ...read more.


There was one problem with the emigration of all the Jews and that was when countries refused to accept he Jewish emigrants, they only had one place to return to and that was Germany, this would increase they number of Jews in Germany and went against the idea of a pure Aryan state. In conclusion I have mixed results on whether or not Nazis created a pure Aryan state, I believe that even though the Nazi policies were very effective, they failed to create a 100% pure Aryan state, this is shown by the number if non-Aryan emigration between the years 1933 and 1939, they are in fact on the decrease more people decided to stay in Germany, and if the Nazi had achieved a pure Aryan state then they would have been more people emigrating! In governmental work they did manage to remove all non-Aryans but this did not work as well with society, where only a few Jewish shop were closed, however this was before the time of the holocaust where a lot of Jews were persecuted in concentration camps and in Ghettos. ...read more.

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