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How Georgian is the Georgian house.

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How Georgian is the Georgian house The Georgian House is situated in a very popular area for the Georgian period. Before living at the Georgian House Pinney lived at No. 5 Park Street but he was "a renter- not a purchaser of the house" ('Bristol a Gateway to Empire' C M McInnes 1939). This quote tells us that Pinney was dissatisfied with this house and I think this was the typical attitude of the residents and merchants living in Queens Square. People wanted moved to more expensive areas like George Street and Park Street. The story "A respectable trade" (Phillipa Gregory) portrays how "the astute men were buying up land all around Great George Street and on either side of Park Street". Though this is a secondary source and has been glamourized as it's a novel it supports that "Queen Square was falling from fashion". Therefore The Georgian House is situated in a typical Georgian area. If you look at the original houses on 29 Queen's Square you see the foundations have are old, slanted and some of the bricks have weathered away. However you don't see this on the Georgian house, the brick work looks 'neat' and fairly new. This could be as this is an attraction for the public therefore they have made it more attractive furthermore advertised the house on the net (http://www.bristol-city.gov.uk/mus/georg.html) ...read more.


For example, the lady at the Georgian house told us that before desert the table cloth would be removed. However, normally, the servants would interact with the upper-class as less as possible and you wouldn't see them walking through the rooms. Therefore, the blocked off door in the eating room, I think it was originally a door for the servants and the layout has been changed because now as you enter the house it's very open and if this was the layout then, the servants would be viewable crossing the rooms. Further evidence tells us that the layout has been changed as the "study was originally separate from the hall." There is also a butlers lift which was used by the servants. Servants were expected to do the work as in the Georgian house women were ladies of leisure. A source which suggests this is the novel a "Respectable Trade" where 'Josiah's' his new house must satisfy his wife. Though this is non-fictional, evidence such as the de-counter, games and Adam styled upholstered settees are all leisurely items which supports the status of women. Furthermore, judging by the furniture of the breakfast room the Georgian house has achieved to use furniture styles which were popular in the Georgian period despite the bureau book case being the only original furniture of the house. ...read more.


As well as this, products from the West Indies were available through the slave trade so houses had exotic foreign products like the sugar cane in the kitchen and chocolate, which they used to make hot chocolate in a "hot chocolate pot." Frys became famous from selling chocolate. Another, example of how the Georgian house follows Georgian styles is the use of colour. Green was a popular colour in Georgian times e.g. green carpet. Many of the rooms were painted green apart not including the breakfast room. Another source tells me that Pinney painted it green as he urgently needed the room but he told the company to replace the grey with the "green ordered" which was of better quality. Therefore, this tells me that the Georgian House is a good replica because they must have researched on how Pinney did his house. Therefore I think The Georgian House has achieved in being a Georgian House. It has incorporated styles of the Georgian period including, where it is situated, its outside appearance, colours, designs, servants, food, and furniture etc. despite some of the items of the house not being from the Georgian house. Furthermore, certain things have been changed such as the layout for practicality. Nevertheless, the purpose of the Georgian House is to portray Georgian life therefore it is a popular public museum which is successful considering the majority of items have been donations. Task c Riz. k ...read more.

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