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How Great an Effect Did the Blitz Have On Everyday Life During the Second World War

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How Great an Effect Did the Blitz Have On Everyday Life During the Second World War? The effect of the blitz on everyday life was enormous. From rationing of essential food to evacuation of thousands of city children during the Second World War was extraordinary. Throughout the war women were the ones that did everything to make sure the men could concentrate on winning the war. They did everything from working at night while looking after the children in the day, cooking for the family while coping with rations, coping with the bombs and not knowing if their husbands would come back alive. Also conscription of women began in December 1941. ...read more.


For example some foods from abroad like powered milk and spam. At the beginning the only foods rationed were butter, bacon and sugar. Later meat, tea and most of the basic foods were also rationed. Although vegetables were never rationed. From June 1941 clothes were also rationed, this led to shorter hem lines and fewer buttons on clothes. Fuel as the next thing to be rationed, so most people stopped using their cars. Hot water was also encouraged to be used less, so that coal that was used for heating could be used within the war instead. The first evacuation was announced on august 31st 1939, the day before Hitler invaded Poland. ...read more.


As time went on children got more and more homesick which led into children going back home towards the end of 1939. When the war eventually started in 1940 a second evacuation took place but not at the same scale as the on in 1939. The first air raid shelters were delivered in February 1939. They were the Anderson shelter, a building sunk into the ground in a back garden, and the Morrison shelter; they created an air pocket in your house normally located underneath a table. Throughout the war hover, only 40% of Londoners used the air raid shelters regularly which explains the high casualty rates. In conclusion the blitz had an enormous effect on everyday life from evacuation of thousands of children to rationing food and relaying on women. ?? ?? ?? ?? ABBIE HUDSON GNVQ WERNETH SCHOOL CENTRE NUMBER 33431 ...read more.

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