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How harsh was the Treaty of Versailles? 1.Germans were very annoyed about the Treaty of Versailles because they simply thought it was not fair

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How harsh was the Treaty of Versailles? 1. Germans were very annoyed about the Treaty of Versailles because they simply thought it was not fair. One man Herr Schneidermann made a violent attack in the National Assembly saying 'The Allies are driving the knife into the living body of the German people... The proposed Peace means the miserable enslavement of Children'. The Germans would also be annoyed with reparations, which meant they had to pay a lot more tax. Germans were also very hurt by the Treaty because they had to give a large quantity of their land away. 13.5 percent of her territory was given away and they believed this to be far too harsh. They were most hurt by Germany being split into and forming the German corridor. Germans were also made to take blame for the war, which must have hurt them because owning up to the war would always stay with them. ...read more.


The writer of this passage wanted German people to know that they would get revenge. 4. Black mourning bands are worn to show grief and sorrow. The black indicates the overwhelming sorrow and grief. These would have been put around the newspaper to show that the signing of the Treaty was a bad thing and that you should be upset that it has happened. It is put around the newspaper also so the German people think that the people who signed the Treaty were in the wrong although they had no choice. 5. I think splitting Germany into two was harsh because some people who had been previously living in Germany would suddenly be living in Poland. I think it was also harsh that the Germans had to accept complete blame for the war when it was obviously not all their fault. Overall I think the biggest mistake we made with the Germans was not letting them in the Peace Conference. ...read more.


Also source D says 'by 1925 German steel production was twice that of Britain'. Source D also says that the German finance minister would have made Britain paid for the cost of the war. It also says that German was actually most to blame for starting the war. The Treaty of Versailles was still harsh on the Germans but they probably would have done the same if they won. 8. My own statement would be: The Treaty of Versailles was overall not fair on the Germans although some of it was fair and the Germans had to be punished although it still left the Germans feeling bitter, humiliated and wanting vengeance. I think this would be the best statement because the Germans had to be punished in some way although the Treaty of Versailles was a bit harsh in some places. The Treaty was successful because it still left the Germans unhappy. This was not good because they wanted vengeance and this lead to 1939 when WW2 was started. ?? ?? ?? ?? Will Smith 07/05/2007 ...read more.

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