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How Hitler Came To Power.

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HOW HITLER CAME TO POWER A 'dictator' is a person who rules a country completely on there own. The dictator who came to power in Germany in the 1930s was Adolf Hitler. First, Hitler tried to get power by having a revolution: 1 Germans were angry about the treaty of Versailles (1919), which had forced the German government to pay 'reparations' for the First World War. They were angry. 2 In 1919 Adolf Hitler joined the Nazi party. In 1920 he became its Leader. ...read more.


setting out his policies. 7 In 1927 Hitler formed the Hitler Youth. He wanted to teach young people to obey 'him'. 8 Josef Goebbels was put in charge of Nazi propaganda. The Nazis used radio, newspapers and great rallies to win support. 9 The World Depression of 1929-32 helped the Nazi Party. Some Germans starved to death. Support for the Nazis grew. Then Hitler was given power. He was made Chancellor. Hitler used his power to make himself into a dictator. 10 The German President Hindenburg did a deal with Hitler. ...read more.


13 The Enabling Act of March 1933 gave Hitler the power to make his own laws (it was the end of parliamentary government in Germany). 14 In April 1933 the Nazis formed the Gestapo (the secret police). 15 In May 1933 they abolished the Trade Union. 16 In July 1933 Hitler dissolved the opposition policies and declared the Nazi Party to be 'the only political party in Germany'. 17 Then 30 June 1934, Hitler killed his rivals within the Nazi Party in the Night of the Long Knives. 18 When Hindenburg died in August 1934, Hitler declared himself the F�hrer - he was President, Chancellor, and Commander of the Army. He Was Completely in charge of the German government! ...read more.

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