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How important was Martin Luther King and his peaceful direct action campaign in winning Black Civil Rights in America?

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How important was Martin Luther King and his peaceful direct action campaign in winning Black Civil Rights in America? For some, Martin Luther King came to be a hero. After years of fighting for Civil rights with no hope, a priest from Georgia changes everything for the black people pf America. It is not fair to say that it was all down to Martin Luther King, but the Black people of America altogether but with the leadership of one man to push them along. It was his belief and his hope that led the black people, he made them believe that they could get what he wanted if they tried and he inspired many people to stand up for their rights. As an exceptional public speaker Martin Luther King resumed a role as spokesperson for the Black Population of America. Since he had had a childhood of segregation, racism and violent assaults he was keen to change things. Inspiration became him by a spiritual leader, Mahatma Ghandi and his use of non-violence to free India from British colonial rule. ...read more.


On the buses, white and black people were segregated. When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white person and was thrown into jail, King pronounced that all black people boycott the buses. This was very successful to their campaign; the bus companies were bordering bankruptcy, and so had to change the laws to abolish segregation. On the pathway to Civil Rights were many protests, some won and some lost. As a starter Martin Luther King focused on the most racist city in America, this was Birmingham, Alabama. He believed that if the black people of America could make a change in this city, then they could everywhere. In 1963 they held the first peaceful protest. Police used violence against the protesters, but they held their ground bringing press attention to what they were campaigning for, the civil rights act. Due to this coverage, they were forced to desegregate the area, the first protest was successful. As a next step, they were to march on Washington; this would bring to attention the seriousness of their problems. ...read more.


It was described as "Facing Hitler". White people were now looking on each other's actions with disgust. Even with a defeat the black people of America were not put off. The next time, led by King, proved to be more successful. This time before giving up they prayed, this bought sympathy and eventually embarrassed the Authorities into letting them march. In August 1965, there was the Voting Rights act. This stated that every adult could vote, this included the black population. Another encouraging sign was that ALL segregation acts were band. The black people of America were getting somewhere. Martin Luther King was shot dead on a balcony in Tennessee by a white racist who had sworn revenge on him. Martin Luther King was very important to the black peoples campaign in my opinion. He was the person who made them believe, he was the one that gave them all the encouragement and the ideas to succeed. He was the one that broadcast their feelings, showed them that it could be done. Without his determination and skills at persuading people and making them believe they could accomplish something so great, I don't think they would have the courage to do it. ...read more.

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