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How King successfully used Empathy and Non Verbal/ Verbal Communication to hold the attention of his audience in his speech " I have a dream"-1963

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How King successfully used Empathy and Non Verbal/ Verbal Communication to hold the attention of his audience in his speech " I have a dream"-1963 My hypothesis: Was that the audience will respond to rhetorical devise (use of colloquial language and repetition) and appropriate motivation, a strong sense of empathy. Martin Luther King used these effectively in his speech " I have a dream"-1963 with an appropriate observation sheet, I detailing his verbal, non verbal communication along with his relationship with the audience Michael Argyle (1983) pointed out eye gazing can be an index of the closeness of a relationship people share. King's gazing plays a major part throughout his speech. ...read more.


King equally was sensitive in his use of language. B.Z commented (power of Speech) that King understood that the majority of black Americans in the sixties weren't well educated and need to get across them. He used rhetorical devises ranging from repetition (paragraph 16 line 1), contrasting pairs (Paragraph 20 line 4), Catchphrases (Par 14 line 6) to colloquial language (Par1 line 1). According to Berstein (1971) there are two types of codes, restricted and elaborated. King's language is simple, but includes a wide- reaching elaborated code that expresses his views on the world. It has a complete syntax and is much harder to predict. Which itself often functions as a barrier to communication. The audience were engaged by King rather than put off. ...read more.


For my conclusion I can successfully design my own model on how to become a successful spoke person. It will probably start with motivation, having a clear idea that becoming a successful spoke person is what you want to do, this probably; outweighs any consideration of skill. Wanting to be effective you'll need to consider your self-presentation, you'll need to present yourself clearly with a high self-esteem. Verbal communication needs to constructive and encourage engagement and empathy, you'll need to inform the non-verbal communication and use it to promote a positive impression. King demonstrated appropriate motivation, as a result, all the skills he has were effectively used. Number of word 502 ...read more.

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