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How long and short term causes contributed to Hitler’s rise to power

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How long and short term causes contributed to Hitler's rise to power Both long and short term causes in Hitler's rise to power are important. Hitler's wanted revenge over his hatred of the Treaty of Versailles which he said " must be torn up". ...read more.


Its people looked for an alternative government which they found in the Nazi party. If the Wall Street crash did not occur Streseman's methods would have continued and I think there would have been no need for the German people to resort to the Nazi party. ...read more.


several years earlier, which had a short term impact on Germany but a long term affect on Hitler's understanding as he now knew how to destroy democracy using democracy. In conclusion, each cause was necessary for Hitler's rise to power and many short term causes wouldn't have happened without the long term ones being set in place first. ...read more.

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