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How reliable is source E to a historian writing about the events on Kristallnacht, use source E and F and your own knowledge to support your answer.Both source E and F are from a newspaper article explaining the events of Kristallnacht.

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Question 2 How reliable is source E to a historian writing about the events on Kristallnacht, use source E and F and your own knowledge to support your answer. Both source E and F are from a newspaper article explaining the events of Kristallnacht. Source E is an article from a British newspaper called the News Chronicle it was produced on the 11th November 1938. The title of the article read POGROM RAGES THROUGH GERMANY INCENIDIARY MOBS WRECK SHOPS SYNAGOGUES. Source F was also written on the 11th November 1938 but is an American newspaper that has produced the article called the New York Times. Both sources have similar views on the events on Kristallnacht but are they important to a historian? The attack on Jews started in November 1938. this was a result of a Nazi German embassy staff, Ernst Von Rath, being shot by a Jewish refugee named Hershel Grynspan. Source E tells us about Kristallnacht the facts in source E has some accurate details as it was the 15th anniversary of the Munich putsch we also know that during Kristallnacht shop windows were broken and the contents of the shop was stolen also that Jewish synagogues were set on fire. ...read more.


Source F is an American article from the New York Times and was published on the same date. The story also has violent language like "perish Jewry!" and "kill the Jews!". Comparing both sources, they have different details of what went on as in source F is says that the Jews were untouched but in source E it says "Jews were chased through the streets". The possible reason why source F is different is because it is from an American newspaper and therefore from an American point of view. Source F shows that there were wrecking squads and lots of destruction this backs up source E's points. On the other hand source E is not fully reliable as it is emphasising the fact that lots of German people took part in the riots, when actually most people stayed out of the way. It mentions that the crowds were apathetic. Source E also says that the riots started when, storm troopers and the Hitler youth, who were celebrating Hitler's 15th anniversary of the Munich putsch, started to get out of control and started to destroy buildings. ...read more.


Source F in the other hand talks about destruction all over the country however source F was published by an American newspaper therefore expressing the views and opinions of the people there and not the actual facts. I have found that source E is reliable to a certain extent as it has some facts that agree with source F but it is only reliable for one part of Germany. Source E is also only reliable for a British newspaper as the language may have been exaggerated to sell stories. Therefore Source E is not useful to a historian for facts of Kristallnacht but it is useful for the opinions of a socialist Britain on a Nazi Germany. Also Britain didn't like Hitler's foreign policy aims this could be why the source was bias. This source is not trust worthy for historians to use about the details of the events as some facts were grossly over exaggerated. The language was exaggerated just to sell the story, it also doesn't match source F and the amount of violence that went on during the night of Kristallnacht. ...read more.

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