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How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution?

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Marianne Andreini Susan Higham Dyana Reisen April 10, 2003 Block 1 How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution 1. The social changes occurring after the American Revolution were not entirely new, in fact, most of the ideas were stemmed off from preexisting concepts. Free religious choice originated from the Roger William's establishment of Rhode Island in 1644. With free religious choice came the separation of church and state, as taxes were no longer restricted to support one chosen church per colony. (W) Even the Declaration of Independence was not based on new theories. Most of this document was written around John Locke's ideas of inalienable rights that he composed during the Glorious Revolution. These rights given to every living man, helped narrow the gap between social classes, and created more interaction among the upper and lower classes. ...read more.


(Doc M & N) African American's though free by 1865 and attended schools since the early 1800's, were always persecuted by the majority and rarely held respectable jobs. (Doc K & L) Native Americans were promised land and equality, but Congress failed to recognize these rights as tribes were gradually forced farther away from their lands to the western frontier. (Doc Q) In most cases, the social changes were not truly Revolutionary, but what changes were made did effect the country in a significant way, to make it what it is today. 2. There were some new significant changes that occurred in the government after the American Revolution. These changes came about as a result of the colonists rebelling against King George III tyrannical control over them. Groups such as the Sons of Liberty used force like knocking down statues of the king and the Boston Tea Party to help inspire the colony's need for independence. ...read more.


After Shay's Rebellion in Massachusetts the Philadelphia Convention came out with the Constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution was written to create a strong central republican government with a Bill of Rights. (W) The central government was put in power to more sufficiently organize and control the country, but the Bill of Rights were added to make sure the government did not suppress the people or deny them of their rights. If the central government did abuse its power, the Bill of Rights gave the citizens the authority to overthrow it and create a new system of government. This fairly significant change, made by balancing the power between state and central governing, allowed Congress along with the people of the United States to create and maintain a stable country that still prospers today under the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. ...read more.

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