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How Roosevelt Won the Election Roosevelt Was Voted In For His First Term In Office In 1932?

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How Roosevelt won the Election Roosevelt was voted in for his first term in office in 1932. Roosevelt displayed smiling confidence throughout the campaign. He campaigned throughout the country, outlining in general terms his program for recovery and reform he intended to make, this became known as the new deal. Roosevelt received 22,822,00 votes compared to Hoover's 15,762,000, the electoral vote was 472 to 59. Roosevelt took office on 4th March 1933. I am first going to look at the factors of Roosevelt's election victory that he was directly responsible for. Roosevelt's personality appealed to a wide range of people from many different walks of life. His most appealing personality trait was that he always looked for the best in people and wanted to get the best for them. He was also not arrogant and had empathy for the suffering of the poor in the depression. This empathy may have stemmed from his illness. This gave him a physical problem, whereas the public had an economic problem, but the despair was he same. This made people feel closer to him and would have helped him gain votes. ...read more.


This shows that another person who became president at a later date believed that Roosevelt knew what he was doing to get elected. It emphasis Roosevelt's political skill and knowledge of the election process. All the points I have stated for why Roosevelt was responsible for his 1932 presidential election victory, show that he knew that he was doing and how to do it. All these points show his good knowledge and how he appealed to nearly all Americans. I am now going to analyze the reasons why Roosevelt was not responsible for his 1932 election victory. Roosevelt's main opponent was the current president Herbert Hoover. He was the president at the beginning of the depression and he was blamed for the major effect it had on people. As the depression worsened people were forced out of the towns and cities and into shantytowns on the out skirts. These became nicknamed 'Hoovervilles' after President Hoover. This became an impossible tag to remove and severely damaged his election campaign. Hoover also damaged his reputation when he had to put down a revolt. Soldiers from the First World War joined together and formed the 'bonus army.' ...read more.


Normally an economy does not reach these extremes because the government changes tax rates to make people spend or save more. The wall street crash was a major bust. The government could have stopped it from happening if it had controlled the economy properly but it did not which helped Roosevelt. Also if you look at fig. 1 you will see that after a time the economy will recover naturally. So even if Hoover had stayed in charge things would have got better any way. Roosevelt was not responsible for people's ignorance that life was never going to get better. He was just lucky that the depression happened and he knew how to manipulate the circumstances to get into power. All the points I have stated for why Roosevelt was not responsible for his election victory in 1932 show that he was perfectly set up to take the job of president without trying. His main rival made mistakes and the circumstances were perfect for a change in power. Overall I think that Roosevelt was given the perfect opportunity to take the presidency but if he had not been such a good and cleaver politician he would not have made it. I think Roosevelt was responsible for his election victory but in any other circumstances he may not have made it. ...read more.

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