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how seccessful was the new deal

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How successful was the new deal? The new deal was the name that Roosevelt gave to a series of economic programs he initiated between 1933 and 1936 with the goals of giving work (relief) to the unemployed, reform of business and financial practises, and recovery of the economy during the Great Depression. The "First New Deal" of 1933 was aimed at short-term recovery programs for all groups which were called the 'Alphabet Agencies'. The Roosevelt administration promoted or implemented banking reform laws, emergency relief programs, work relief programs, agricultural programs, and industrial reform (the NRA), a federal welfare state, as well as the end of the gold standard and prohibition. A "Second New Deal" (1935-36) included labour union support, the WPA relief program, the Social Security Act, and programs to aid farmers, including tenant farmers and migrant workers. The new deal was successful to a certain extent. ...read more.


And, the social security act provided the USA with a semi-welfare state which included pensions for the elderly and widows and state help for the sick and disabled. The new deal also helped promote equality towards all Americans. Around 200,000 black Americans gained benefits from the CCC and other new deal agencies. Many benefited from slum clearance programmes and housing projects. Women also benefited from the new deal and some achieved prominent positions, for example, Eleanor Roosevelt became an important campaigner for social reform and Frances Perkins was the first woman to be appointed to a cabinet post as secretary of labour. However, there were also numerous failures of the new deal. It divided the USA and gave the federal government and presidency too much power. It also ignored the position of the state governments and tried to change the membership and role of the Supreme Court, and his supporters were even accused of being communist. ...read more.


Roosevelt did little to end segregation and discrimination in the Deep South. For example, he failed to pass laws against lynching of black Americans in case he alienated democratic senators from the southern states. During nearly 15 years as president, Roosevelt only passed one law for black people. Also, the new deal offered little to women. Some of the National Industry Recovery Act codes of 1933 actually required women to be paid less than men. Only 8,000 women were employed by the CCC out of 2.75 million involved in the scheme. Some state governments tried to avoid social security payments to women by introducing special qualifications. To conclude, the new deal was reasonably successful in that it significantly reduced bank and business failures and also helped to reduce unemployment. However, it only provided short term solutions and did little to help industrial workers, black people and women. And when Roosevelt reduced the new deal budget, the country went back into depression. It was World War 2 that truly brought America out of depression. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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