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How similar are the messages of sources F & G

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How similar are the messages of sources F & G Source F and G seem to portray similar ideas with both pictures having a dominant figure of a person in Nazi uniform standing over a dead body. The fact that both pictures portray the Nazis to be brutal murderers shows that the cartoons are anti-Nazi and are criticizing the events of Kristallnacht and the dubious nature of the Nazi party's cover story. In source F the Nazi is holding a club; this symbolizes the barbarism of the Nazis and is mirrored by the Nazi holding a truncheon in source G. In both sources there is a dead body; this represents the victims of the Nazi's abuse; the Jews. ...read more.


Source F was published in Russia and at the time the government was communist which would have resulted in the cartoon being influenced by the government as it would have had to approve of the cartoon. The image of Tsar Nicholas II and the message he is holding suggests that the Russians were trying to intimidate the Nazis and insinuates that like they Murdered Tsar Nicholas II they will stop the Nazis as well. In contrast Source G is merely commenting on the situation without the hidden agenda which the communists had. In source G the woman symbolizes the German people ipso facto she is tied up implying that the illustrator thinks the German public had nothing to do with it. ...read more.


The sources both criticize the Nazis; the Nazis are brutal, violent and unjust; the sources also portray a similar message; the message portrayed in both sources is the Nazis were the offenders of the atrocity that was Kristallnacht. However, the sources have different motives; there is an implication of an ulterior motive in source F whereas source G appears to only be commenting on the subject and chiding the Nazis. Both sources have interesting outlooks on Kristallnacht and why it happened however, neither source mentions the real motive behind Kristallnacht which was Goebbels trying to get back on good terms with Hitler; this was unbeknownst to the artists at the time. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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