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How Successful Was Daniel Kleinman in meeting the brief of the Charity?

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How Successful Was Daniel Kleinman in meeting the brief of the Charity? For any charity, advertisement and raising awareness of the issue they are campaigning against is an essential part of their running. The NSPCC in particular find that raising awareness of child abuse is of vital importance, and this means that the advertisements they do broadcast have to be extremely effective. After studying an advert produced by Daniel Kleinman for the NSPCC, called The Ventriloquist, I have realized that in order to make an appeal advert as successful as possible, a number of devices must be used or taken into consideration. The whole purpose of Kleinman's campaign was to alert the public that there are millions of children out there who have no-one to turn to- and that by simply volunteering just a few hours of their week, they could completely change a child's life. The title given to the Campaign was 'Someone to Turn to', which refers to both adults being more aware of Child Abuse trying to act more productively against it; and also to encourage children to talk to the NSPCC because they are always there for them. This advert in particular focused on alerting the public that Child Abuse is happening even in situations which may seem perfectly ordinary. The child in the advert was in supposedly safe environments with trustworthy figures that should have been protecting her- yet they all failed to notice what was ...read more.


This spine-tingling music is used throughout the advert, with the exception of just a few scenes, and results in a growing feeling of suspense, making the overall impact of the commercial much greater. An alternative method used by Kleinman in the soundtrack is silence, an effect which works perfectly in the play park scene. The play park scene is perhaps the most distressing, which is mainly due to the isolation of the surroundings. We are witnessing firsthand a form of Child abuse, and as the viewer we are made to feel helpless- we can see the abuse happening, yet we can't hear it or do anything about it. In this way, the video is extremely emotive, as it creates an urge in people to take action. However, it is not just the soundtrack which created this feeling, and many other elements of the advert contributed to its success- Obviously, the actual Character and Narrative were a fundamental part. The man who was playing her abuser was extremely convincing in his part, and at some points actually made the viewer cringe with how alarming the scene was. His facial expressions were completely composed, showing how confident he is in treating the girl like this, as if it were perfectly natural. Another part of his characterization which was as equally disturbing was his intimacy with the girl. ...read more.


However, one of the main necessities of the advert was that its message was clear to younger audiences, and in this way the advert does not produce very good results. Due to the depth of the allegorical devices used in the advert, it is quite likely that a younger audience would find it hard to grasp the idea and information which is being portrayed. This is one of Kleinman's only faults in the production of this advert. In the majority of circumstances, it is young children, who are suffering in these abysmal situations and therefore the appeals also need to be suitable for someone of that age group. What is the use in alerting the public of all these horrendous acts if the children themselves cannot realize what is going on and tell someone? Overall, I think that due to the complexity of the advert, it is not suitable for a younger audience, as it would not have the wanted affect on them and be equivalently useless. Despite all this, the advert is still incredibly emotive. So did Kleinman reach the Charity's brief? Personally I feel that he did, as the disturbing nature of the advert resulted in the utmost awareness from the audience, meaning that the appeal was even more likely to be successful. This reaction to the advert is exactly that which the Charity wanted- they are inspired to take action against Child Abuse and are made conscious of the reality that Abuse can happen in the most ordinary of situations. ...read more.

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