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How successful was the New deal?

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How successful was the New deal? The New Deal was made to improve the conditions of millions of poor and homeless people and improve America from its depression, but did it really work? Did the New Deal help all of the homeless people, did it secure jobs to millions and did it give everyone fair opportunities? The New Deal was designed to fulfil 3 things - Relief, Recovery, Reform. We can ask did it do this and how well did it do it? There were many good parts of the New Deal. The alphabet agencies that were set up by Roosevelt had a tremendous impact. His immediate Emergency Banking Act worked very well by closing banks and only reopening them if they were soluble. This greatly restored the confidence in banks and stopped people withdrawing all their money. The FERA (Federal Emergency Relied Act) also worked well as it gave out $500 million to the unemployed and poor to help them get better and improve. Many other alphabet agencies e.g. the AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act) and FCA (Farm Credit Administration) worked for the farmers who were being paid very low amounts due to low prices. ...read more.


By building the dams there was now control over the river. This would reduce flooding and soil erosion, which had previously made this area into a very poor place. On the industrial side it provided cheap hydroelectricity to millions of people across the whole of America. Also new waterways were built providing transport and new opportunities for business and growth. This gave a region a completely new fresh of life, which it needed after being hit badly by the depression. This was one of the biggest successes of the new deal as it combined industry and agriculture in one enormous project and dramatically improved unemployment and the living conditions of millions of people. Again this agency was heavily criticised. Many businesses complained saying the government had interfered with business and America's "rugged individualism." They also said the new electricity was putting other businesses out of profit as they couldn't keep up with the TVA's non-profit business. The government was also accused of intervening in the free market where businesses and companies control everything themselves and the government does not get involved. Roosevelt did not just concentrate on agriculture and unemployment; some of his other schemes were on industry. ...read more.


Also the price for goods and food was still quite low though Roosevelt's attempts. The real reason all of this went was because of the war. In conclusion I think that the New Deal was quite a success. I think this because Roosevelt inherited a very bad situation that needed to be made worse and he did. I feel Roosevelt made it much better and he improved the whole of America. Even though his alphabet agencies were very expensive and didn't work as well as he wanted them to do, they still did reduce unemployment and get people doing things. Roosevelt was trying to get the country climbing up the upward spiral it had fallen down and it was hard, but if he continued then the country would have soon got back together would have gone up. Roosevelt's agencies worked well at the time and did work. Even though the war came and quickly ended nearly all of the depression I feel if Roosevelt continued then there wouldn't any left soon. I think the biggest teller of the success was if there was any other crash or depression after Roosevelt's new deal. The answer is no so Roosevelt must have complete reform as it hasn't happened again after nearly 70 years. ...read more.

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