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How successful were the PLO in promoting its cause between 1960-1980?

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Joshua Dale How successful were PLO in promoting its cause between 1960-1980? Palestinians hoped that cooperating Arab states would destroy the state of Israel. People looked up to and were inspired by Nasser of Egypt, there was much expectation of a successful campaign to destroy Israeli power and establish the state of Palestine as their own. In 1964 an organisation named PLO (the Palestine Liberation Organisation) was setup by governments to represent the Palestinian people and their cause. However, soon in 1968, Fatah fighters accompanied by the Jordanian army managed to resist an attack on a village in Jordan. The success and reputation of the Fatah, lead by Yasser Arafat, soon encouraged more recruits and was later dominant in the PLO. The PLO was now no longer controlled by Arab governments but by the independent voice of the Palestinian people. ...read more.


The PLO was also responsible for terrorist like attacks on Israeli civilians; this portrays how they were willing to do anything in order to show their hate towards the Israelis and to attract more ?attention? as said by PFLP member George Habash. These guerrilla attacks did indeed attract publicity especially after three planes were hijacked and destroyed in 1970. The PLO were still keen to convey their overall point by using military intervention on civilians to send a threat. At the Olympic Games in 1972 the PLO was responsible for the death of eleven Israeli athletes. Furthermore, twenty six civilians were killed by supporters of the PFLP at Lod airport, and the Arabs continued to hijack planes with civilians in to depict their hate and to attract attention. ...read more.


After the expulsion from Jordan the PLO mostly moved to Lebanon whereby various attacks were made on northern Israel. However, not only this they managed to become a heavy influence in the Lebanese government, which was a good aspect towards improving their reputation. However in doing this they took part in a civil war, whereby they took the sides of the Muslims. This did not look good on the PLO neither was it good for themselves as they found themselves getting distracted whilst gaining a negative reputation from surrounding countries. To conclude I believe that the PLO did well in promoting some of their ideas but failed at others. They managed to make it clear that they were to hold no resistance against the Israelis using military intervention, yet they failed to establish Palestine as their own homeland. ...read more.

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