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How the Nazis use the Reichstag fire to increase their power in Germany in the years 1933-34

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How the Nazis use the Reichstag fire to increase their power in Germany in the years 1933-34 The period from Hitler being made chancellor to the fire was a main part in Hitler's path to total power. 30th January 1933 Kaiser Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler chancellor of Germany. He used this power to call for another election, he was hell bent on the destruction of parliament. He believed that Germany should be controlled by one party (person). One week before the elections was due to be held, 27th February 1933 the Reichstag building was burnt down. Van Der Lubbe (a communist) was found in the building with a box of matches and blamed and executed for treason even though there was no real proof and some people say that Hitler started it or paid someone to do it for him. ...read more.


not happy with this as it was not majority, he came up with the idea to ask the nationalists with the Nazis and with both the amounts of seats joined hey had won over half the Reichstag. They vote for the enabling act which gives Hitler the power to make laws without approval of anyone else. However this law was only for four years he used his privet army to bully people into voting for the enabling law to be passed. It also let Hitler ban all other parties. Hitler then used gleichschaltung (bringing into line) this is when Hitler made all state counsels under Nazi control so that everywhere was under total Nazi ruling. He abolished trade unions and put new ones in place with Nazis in charge. ...read more.


On the night of 30 June 1934 she SS went round on took the SA's head, Ernst Rohm, and all other SA leaders and executed them all by firing squads because of direct orders from Hitler. The president Paul von Hindenburg died 2nd august 1934. This gave Hitler the opportunity to seize power of Germany and he made him self president and over took the Reichstag. he promised to rip up the treaty of Versailles and restore Germany to its rightful place and power in the world and that he would get rid of depression and make lots of new jobs for the workless he blamed the Jews and communists for all of Germany problems aka the loss off the war, and the depression. ...read more.

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