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How useful are sources C to H as evidence about peoples attitudes towards the use of terrorism in the Arab- Israeli Conflict? Explain your answer using all the sources and your own knowledge of the Arab - Israeli Conflict

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Year 11 GCSE History Coursework - The Arab Israeli Conflict How useful are sources C to H as evidence about peoples attitudes towards the use of terrorism in the Arab- Israeli Conflict? Explain your answer using all the sources and your own knowledge of the Arab - Israeli Conflict Source C is written by a Palestinian leader; therefore I expect to find that I will only find his attitudes and the attitudes of the Palestinians about the use of terrorism towards the Arab - Israeli Conflict represented in this source. I will not expect to find the views of the Israeli's or the rest of the World. Source H on the other hand has no apparent author but is said to be 'a typical point of view in the 1970's' I therefore expect to find this source will only contain an Israeli point of view on the attitudes towards the Arab Israeli Conflict. Simply from examining the title I can tell that neither source is particularly useful at discovering people's attitudes towards the use of terrorism in the Arab - Israeli Conflict, apart from their own. ...read more.


I would like to say that I was right in thinking that this source only reflects the attitudes of the typical Israeli point of view. However the source's writer is not named and the content 'destroy the PLO's military capability... Israeli is fighting a just war!' puts into question the motives of the author writing the source. But without knowing the writer of the source we cannot know. To me the source does not seem to only reflect the typical Israeli attitude, but in-fact propaganda, trying to sway world wide opinion in the Israeli's favour and in-fact persuade them to join in the fight against the Palestinians. The Source presents the Palestinians as a huge military power and therefore threat not only to the Israeli's but the rest of the world. As from my background knowledge I know that the Palestinians did not have as large a weaponry threat as the Israeli's make out, due to the fact that many Palestinians were impoverished refugees who were very poor as a nation. The idea Source H is not simply a typical point of view whereas Source C is, is supported by the fact that the Palestinian's do not care about World ...read more.


One of these could be to persuade the rest of the world that the Palestinians are a threat and that their fighting them is a justifiable course of action. However instead of a writers name the words 'This was a typical Israeli point of view in the 1970's'. This sentence suggests that this source in-fact came from a factual source such as a History book. And in this case that means the source will certainly reflect a typical Israeli point of view as the matter will have been researched, and it means it is a very reliable source when trying to discover the attitudes of the Israelis towards the Arab- Israeli conflict. In conclusion this makes Source H the most useful source in answering the title question as it is the most reliable, if that is we rely on the evidence for the source being an extract from a historical book. Source C on the other hand is not useful as the author- a Palestinian leader, could have had countless motives for righting the source and therefore it may not in-fact be a typical point of view at all, most likely it is his own personal point of view. Question 2 Jessica Everitt ...read more.

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