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How useful are sources D and E in helping you to understand why the ripper was able to avoid capture?

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How useful are sources D and E in helping you to understand why the ripper was able to avoid capture? When the ripper murders occurred not a lot of clues were left behind and there were no immediate trails which would have led the police to the capture of Jack the Ripper. However there was one eyewitness who presented her testimony to the police and public. Elizabeth Long (from source D) had seen a man talking to Annie Chapman before she was killed. Even though Elizabeth Long saw a man talking to Annie Chapman she did not see the man attacking her. She is not very certain about her own details as she states in her testimony: "as far as I could tell", "I cannot be sure" and "as well as I could make out". ...read more.


Once again we know that she was making mistakes as she said: "he looked to me like a foreigner". But how can she tell he looked like a foreigner? As she is mistaking most of her details she could have been mistaking all her details so her account will help the police very slightly and the evidence is limited. Even though the evidence is very limited it could be useful in some ways. For example as she was the last person to see Annie alive, the police would have a clue to what time Annie died. Source E is a newspaper article so there may be exaggeration for the public to buy their newspaper. ...read more.


This was only done for the newspaper company to sell more newspapers and they are blaming the police for the crimes that are occurring. This is a very useful source as we learn that the police could not "clear the streets of defiant ruffianism, which continued to make night hideous." We also learn that the area of Whitechapel was a major crime area and to support this it also states "everyone containing some headquarters of infamy". We also learn that due to all the "narrow, dark and crooked lanes" that the murderer could kill and hide in the alleys. So if Jack the Ripper had just killed a woman all he had to do was run just a couple of minutes and he would never be caught. ...read more.

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