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How useful are the sources D and E in helping you understand why the Ripper was able to avoid capture?

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Jack The Ripper Sources Coursework 3) Study Sources D and E How useful are the sources D and E in helping you understand why the Ripper was able to avoid capture? Both sources are useful in helping us understand why the Ripper was quite easily able to avoid capture. Source D is one of the very few eye witnessed accounts of Annie Chapman's final movements before her murder, made by a woman called Elizabeth Long. Because it says "the EVIDENCE of Elizabeth Long", it makes me feel as if this was a police interview, which would help the police understand the last movements of the deceased. This could have been used in court, and therefore I believe Elizabeth Long would not have lied in her account, and any discrepancies in it would be simply down to her not being sure. Therefore, in that sense, it is quite reliable. However, in her account she is not too sure about the description of the man the deceased was last seen with. It is questionable. This man was seen to be the prime suspect, so the police probably followed Elizabeth Long's account to a large extent, as it was the most of the very little evidence they had. So they probably did go round suspecting foreigners, even though she does say she was not too sure. ...read more.


Elizabeth Long probably did not pay too much attention to the man, but she almost certainly did pay more attention than most people would have. This was because she might have know the deceased and therefore her attention was drawn in that direction, where as most people who did not know the deceased, would not have paid the slightest. Furthermore she was not one hundred percent certain about the height of the man compared to the deceased. "He seemed to be taller than the deceased" This was probably down to her not looking carefully, for the reason that she was just passing by. "He looked what I should call a Shabby Genteel." Again, she makes she contradicts herself. In describing the man, she says "...shabby..." which means scruffy, but then says, "...Genteel..." which means posh. So what she ends up saying is he looked a scruffy posh, which would have confused the police. What she had seen may have been correct, because the suspect may have put on a disguise, to entice the deceased, especially if she was a bit short of cash. In the East End, it must have been very difficult to notice people and to see what they were doing even if you were looking out for it was dark when the Ripper usually struck. ...read more.


However, after the first murder, you would think the police force would have sorted things out, but instead they thought the murder was a one off and decided to do nothing about the streets, even though the informant went and told the police force again after the first murder to sort things out. "He went again to the police and warned there would be more mischief..." The informant is probably having a field day passing on this information, as now he has built up so many reasons as to why the police force was weak. He again blames the Police force. Source E is just as useful as source D. Source E however concentrates on the how weak the police force was which helped the Ripper get away without being noticed after a murder. The streets were disorderly due to the weakness of the police force allowing the Ripper to blend in after a murder. Putting both sources together, we can understand it was extremely easy for the Ripper to avoid capture, firstly, due to the fact the Ripper always struck in the dark wearing dark clothes (source D) and the disorderly streets due to the weak police force. (Source E) There was just so much disorder about, that things like screaming (from victim) would probably go unnoticed. However, in source E, we do not know who the informant was, and therefore, the source is slightly limited. ...read more.

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