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How useful are useful sources 1-8 in showing similarities and the differences in the motivations and experiences of women in both world wars?

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How useful are useful sources 1-8 in showing similarities and the differences in the motivations and experiences of women in both world wars? Investigation question 1 Source1 is a primary source showing women in a coal depot lifting a sack onto a carriers back this sort of work women were not used to doing or expected to do. Women were expected to stay at home and look after their husbands. Evan though this job was not dangerous but it was physical and labor work and men were expected to do it. An image would like this would appear in national newspapers so nearly everyone would have seen it. The picture would prove to men that women could do jobs that required physical power, so other women would have been motivated and gained confidence by looking at this by the source. Also at the time the job would have been very important as coal was the main source of fuel during World War 1. Women were capable of doing the jobs men were doing however they did not get the same pay as men did also women did not get jobs of management, this shows limited change. ...read more.


The V-2 rocket was one of the most destructive weapons used during World War2 because of its high speed. The job being carried out by these women would have been dangerous and extremely important. Dangerous as there would have been the risk of another V-2 rocket being dropped by Britain's enemy. It would have been extremely important as they would be saving lives of civilians. Other women who would have seen this picture would have been highly motivated. This source is very useful as it shows us how far women had come; because of there important job. Source7 is primary source. It is a poster which is asking women to join the land army. The message on the poster say "we could do with thousands more like you", the poster is encouraging women to join the land army. The women in the picture are happy so the message being sent out is that if you join the women's land army you will also be happy. Men were not happy with women working on there farms they thought women were not capable of working on farms. Only 48,000 women were employed on the farm out of the possible 260,000, less than 1/4 of possible vacancies were filled. ...read more.


Therefore; government suspended them from all benefits. The government were dictating women to work in domestic services. In 1914 the Defence Of The Realm Act was enforced. DORA was a law that did not allow newspapers to criticise the war. The purpose of this source is to show that the government were forcing women to work in domestic services. Source 6 Source 6 is a advert showing how the dinner Mrs peeks can solve problems. The source indicates to us that there were problems between husbands and wives when both of them were working. This was dealt with by women; by buying Mrs Peeks puddings. Mrs Peeks puddings was a readymade dinner in a tin. This was useful and time consuming for women as they could work and make dinner for their husbands. This shows how much women wanted to help their country in the war effort. Men expected women to stay at home. However; women had a different point of view as they were patriotic and insisted to work. This source is useful as it shows that women were patriotic and also shows that they were looking for different methods of helping them to stay at work. The purpose of this source is to show that women wanted to stay at work and cook for their husbands. ...read more.

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