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"How useful did you find the site, and the written sources, for answering this question?"

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Essay on Question: "How useful did you find the site, and the written sources, for answering this question?" Duncan-Peter Chisholm During this essay I will be commenting on the usefulness of the sources which I have used to study the architectural structure of the city of Edinburgh's New Town, widely considered as the part of the city which is the reason for its billing as the, "Athens of the North." The sources were used, obviously in a historical context, to answer the questions of whether there was evidence to support the idea that the New Town was designed for, "genteel and civilised living," and, "grandeur." I used two maps, one showing only the First New Town, the other the Second New Town, to study, in particular, the structure of the streets -should there be any- and also to study the differences between the shapes of the streets of both the first and second areas. ...read more.


The reason that I think this is because it is surely essential to obtain some kind of solid primary source on which we can base our own individual opinions and be able to discuss them with real understanding of the area. This was probably my favourite source because I was a great fan of being able to argue my opinion while actually pointing at the structure which I was arguing about! The slides, however few we were shown, showed very interesting images of the New Town which I found very solid as bases for discussion due to the fact that they were still images and easy to study effectively while arguing my opinion with a fellow historian. I believed them to be accurate, and even in this age of photo-altering technology, I found them convincing evidence of the New Town's changes. Very similar to the maps, I thought, was the photo's value of being able to overlook them continuously until I noticed something new that may have turned out to be important evidence. ...read more.


I would say that this was also one of my favourite sources, again due to the fact that it was very easy to study text over and over again until I felt that I had obtained sufficient evidence on my subject. In conclusion to this essay, I think that it is important to mention that I found it hard to obtain convincing evidence of the First New Town, which, I believe, was due to the fact that because, I must even admit myself, the Second New Town was a more attractive and intriguing part of the city. This I found a very frustrating part of my studies, because I was very much in favour of informing myself of the base of learning, through mistakes, from which the Second New Town was created. My favourite source was easily the Field Work because it gave me my own time, to study in my own way, the architecture of the First and Second New Towns. Again, I think it is priceless that one can stand in front of the structure of which his discussion is created from. ...read more.

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