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How useful is Source G when examining the children's evacuation journey?

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Evacuation Coursework Question 2 In this essay, I am going to examine Source G and decide whether it is a reliable Source as evidence about evacuees. To do this I will examine the Provenance, Audience, Content and Tone of the Source. I believe that Source G has aspects of both reliability and unreliability. By examining the Provenance, Audience, Content and Tone, I will hopefully prove my opinion to be accurate. Provenance means the positives and negatives of the Source, who it was produced by and what type of evidence it is. Source G is an extract from the novel 'Carries War' by Nina Bowden in 1973. Nina Bowden was an ex-evacuee and she wrote the novel based on her experiences. Being a novel makes the Source unreliable because it is not real because it is a fictional account. Even though the story was based on a real event, it might have been exaggerated to make the story more dramatic. However, it was written by an ex-evacuee who could have used her past experiences to help make the story more accurate. From my own knowledge I know that evacuation was a very frightening experience and the author has made the children in the novel seem very at ease with the situation. ...read more.


I will next examine the content of Source G. The content of a Source means what the Source consists of and what the Source is trying to portray what its key message is. Source G helps show the many awkward situations between host families and evacuees. Many host families in those days stereotyped evacuees to be poor, dirty and working class and this often caused misunderstandings. Source G also shows how there was not a lot of room in the evacuees suitcases because children could not bring slippers. Any luxuries had to be left at home which did not help evacuees feel more at home. The information in the novel backs up my own knowledge. I know that evacuees took a spare change of clothes, and their gas masks. They also brought other essential items such as a toothbrush and a wash kit. They were also allowed one item that would comfort them such as a blanket or a teddy bear. This is shown in the novel, when Mrs Evans, the foster parent, asks the children whether they had slippers and because they do not, she automatically assumes they are poor. However, the reason they did not have slippers was because they could not fit them in their suitcases. ...read more.


The author who wrote the novel is an ex-evacuee, which means her own experiences may have been included in this extract. However, just because the author might have had a positive evacuation experience, many children did not. Many children were abused and bullied by their foster parents, and this extract shows no sign of this. However, it does show some of the awkwardness and misunderstanding between the evacuees and their foster parents. For example when Mrs Evans assumes the children are poor because they did not have slippers, when actually there was not enough room for their slippers in their suitcases. This is a reliable aspect of the Source because it backs up my own knowledge. Also the story was a novel, made up for children, which means that many details may have been exaggerated to make the story more exciting. Also, because it was made for children, many gruesome details could have been censored to make the story appropriate for children. Overall I believe that Source G has both reliable and unreliable aspects because it is a novel, which means that it is a made up story and therefore it is unreliable, however, the information included does back up my own knowledge which means that it is reliable in that sense. Rory Barham ...read more.

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