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How was desegregation achieved in the USA between 1945 to 1972?Throughout the majority of history, there has been a separation of whites and blacks in american society

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How was desegregation achieved in the USA between 1945 to 1972? Throughout the majority of history, there has been a separation of whites and blacks in american society. This is called segregation. The degree of segregation in america depended in which part of the country you lived in. in the north, if you were black you were treated as (almost) an equal to the white `rulers` of the land. Whereas, if you had lived in the deep southern states of america, the degree of racial hatred that you had experienced would have felt non-paralleled. This dates back to the american civil war. in the american civil war two parties fought; the `Yankees` and the confederates. ...read more.


The whites had well funded schools with all the privileges that you come to expect to have in school. If you were black, school would be very different; their schools were poorly funded, with a lack of teaching supplies. White schools were exclusively white, and would take in any black students. Protest would make no difference here, they would have to use the power of the law; the supreme court. During the 1950's, civil rights groups put pressure on the government to end segregation in schools. Their pressure eventually paid off, as in 1952, the supreme court ruled that segregation in schools was not unconstitutional, but did give that separate schools were legal, as long as they were `equal`. ...read more.


Secondly, desegregation was achieved by, the use of non-conformism. In Alabama, the buses were segregated horrendously. Black people had to stand up on the buses only, and were not aloud to sit down, ever. A woman named Rosa Parks broke the law when she refused to give up her seat for a whit passenger; she was arrested. The black community was in uproar after this. A Baptist named martin Luther king jr helped to organise a protest against the Alabama bus system. Black people boycotted buses an instead, walked or organised to share cars. Eventually, due to loss of income, the Montgomery bus companies were forced to accept integration, or see their companies go under. I think that this is important because it shows that with extreme perseverance you can pretty much achieve anything. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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