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How Were The Jews Discriminated Against Between 1933 To 1939?

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Introduction In January 1933, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor in Germany. He was part of the Nazi Party, and had many extremist views on how the country should be run. Hitler's efficiently organised attack on the Jewish population had already been spoken of in his book "Mien Kampf". Once Hitler became Chancellor the Jews lives deteriorated until, they were so badly treated that people could class them as not human. Hitler wasn't the first person to persecute the Jews. They had been persecuted against in Europe for hundreds of years, so Hitler was in some way copying people's views. However did this give Hitler the excuse to treat the Jews as badly as he did? In this assignment I'm going to investigate how the Jews were persecuted and why they were persecuted like they were. I am also going to look at how the treatment of the Jews changed, and what affect it had on the Jews themselves. How Were The Jews Discriminated Against Between 1933 To 1939? The persecution of the Jews began very early in the reign of Hitler. ...read more.


The laws also stated that they weren't allowed to vote or fill any public office. After three years as Chancellor of Germany, Hitler had finished brainwashing most of the non-Jewish Germans in hating the Jews. He wanted to maintain this whilst further persecuting the Jews. He began to cut off the Jews from the Human world. He stopped Jews from getting a good education and being able to work at well-paid jobs, for example, Jewish doctors were banned. Many Jewish students were picked on at school, not only by the children but also by the teachers. They were forced to sit lessons about how the Aryan brain was far superior to the Jewish. In mathematics, they would have to work out how much money would be saved if there were no Jews. All of this different type of teaching was part of the Nazi's attempt on indoctrinating the German population. They would calculate where a bomb would land, and many other things that would train children for war. ...read more.


The Jewish lives were deteriorating extremely quickly. A month after Kristalnacht, all Jewish businesses were confiscated. The Jews had near to nothing in Germany, and emigration was encouraged. The Jews were dehumanised by the Nazis and oppressed them to a certain degree that there couldn't have been any point to there lives except to die under Nazi rule. The Nazis also took away the Jew's freedom to name themselves. They were forced by the Nazis to add names at the beginning of their existing names. Israel was added to the boys names and Sarah was added to the girls names. The Nazis were definitely separating the Jews from the Aryans. Altogether the treatment of the Jews became unbearable for the victims. The Jewish lifestyles became no better than an animal's and later on it was to become worse. The Nazis had been taking away their proof to be human, separating them from the Aryans and treating them like rubbish. The Nazis brainwashed the German public into thinking that they owned the Jews and could do anything they liked to them. Adam Georgiou 10C3 The Holocaust ...read more.

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